A Note on Taking Care of Yourself

Self- care has become a huge trend in society today. More and more people are choosing to meditate, treat themselves to spa services, and do any and everything that makes them feel more relaxed. Life can be messy and unpredictable at times, and self- care activities are the perfect way to get yourself back on track. I know that when my life feels chaotic, it’s usually my body telling me it’s time to slow down and relax. 

There are so many options for implementing self- care into your daily routine. I know that some of my favorites are: 

  • Taking a hot bath with a bath bomb or lavender Epsom salts. 
  • Applying a clarifying clay mask, like our Revisions Black Mask.
  • Drinking a cup of tea before bed.
  • Scheduling a monthly massage and facial.
  • Repeating words of affirmation to myself on the way to school or work.
  • Cooking a nice meal for myself and enjoying a glass of red wine.
  • Using a relaxing pillow spray before bed.

These routines are just some of the many ways to enjoy time for yourself. Some other habits I have found and hope to incorporate into my own self- care process are:

  • Using essential oils.
  • Meditating more often.
  • Taking up yoga and daily stretching.
  • Calling my family and friends more often. 
  • Changing the way I make decisions to be more timely and deliberate.
  • Unplug for an hour a day.
  • Ask for help when I need it.

I know that by implementing all of these self- care routines, I will be on the fast track to being a better version of myself. These simple tips are small habits that will one day build up to a bigger reward: a more relaxed, stress- free me. What are some of your favorite self- care practices? Leave a comment below and let us know!


By McKenna Bowery


Wake Up & Wind Down: Our Staff Routines

If you’ve visited our spa before, then you have seen the extensive line of products we carry for your face and body. When shopping for these products, it can be hard to decide which product line is right for you. So we asked our staff here at Center MedSpa to give us the run down of their morning and nightly routines.

Wake Up With Shelly

Shelly Carroll, licensed esthetician, likes to start off her morning with a cup of coffee and taking her dog out for a walk. She also listens to “Moody Radio” in the morning to get her moving. She then cleanses her face with the Jan Marini Cesta Cleanser and applies her Cesta Serum and Bioclear Face Lotion immediately after. Shelly uses the Transformation Face Cream, also by Jan Marini, as her daily moisturizer. After cleansing and mositurizing her face, Shelly moves on to her eye and lip areas. For her eyes, she uses the Illuminating Eye Gel by Jan Marini and for her lips, she uses the SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair. Makeup wise, Shelly loves to use Jane Iredale products and she has three favorites. They are the BB Cream,Loose Powders, and the Pommist Hydration Spray. She likes to combine her BB Cream with the Pommist to get a lighter coverage from her foundation. After using all of her favorite products from the spa, Shelly is fresh faced and ready to seize the day!


Wind Down With Bonnie

Bonnie Hix, our marketing and guest coordinator, winds down for the night with a relaxing bath and a glass of red wine. Her skincare regimen consists of wiping the day away with a Freshstarts Makeup Remover Wipe. She then uses the Elta MD Foaming Cleanser and follows that up with the Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream, an obvious staff favorite. Once or twice a week, Bonnie likes to incorporate the Revisions Black Mask into her routine to keep her face purified and smooth. She ends her nightly routine by applying Kaplan MD Lip Balm and Revisions Nectifirm to her neck and decollete. Bonnie then does some light stretching before jumping into bed to rest for the next day.

By McKenna Bowery

Turning Back Time, One Peel at a Time

It’s peel season! September is here and that means fall is upon us. Fall is the perfect time to turn back the clock and reverse the damage done by long summer days. Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it can do quite a number on our skin. Chemical peels can be intimidating, so there are many common questions and concerns when getting a peel for the first time. I sat down with Daisy Tucker and Shelly Carroll, two of our incredible estheticians here at Center MedSpa, to get to the bottom of what chemical peels are all about.

How does a chemical peel work?

Chemical peels work by exfoliating and improving the overall appearance of the skin. Peels work by promoting skin resurfacing, causing the outer layers of the skin to peel away.  There are many different peels and solutions to choose from. Chemical peels are great for addressing concerns like acne, brown spots, dullness, and even Rosacea. Certain peels are also great for addressing aging concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles. They work to tone and smooth aged skin for an overall younger appearance.

Does a chemical peel hurt?

Upon application, a burning sensation may occur and can vary from mild to slightly more intense in nature. Typically, this subsides very quickly. It is important to let your esthetician know if the tingling becomes too intense, because it could signal a possible reaction.

 Is there down time associated with chemical peels? What should I expect after?

The most common side effect of a chemical treatment is the peeling itself. Depending on the type of peel, peeling or flaking can occur 2-4 days after application. Temporarily sensitive or dry skin are also common side effects post peel. If treatment of brown spots is your primary concern, don’t fret if the spots darken before flaking off; this is completely normal and a sign that your peel is working.

When will I see results?

Depending on the strength and level of the peel, results can be immediate. Our estheticians recommend getting peels in a series of three or more. While results can be seen from one peel alone, a series of three is the ideal amount of treatments to achieve maximum results.

Why is fall the best time for a chemical peel?

 Anytime is a good time for a chemical treatment, but fall is a great time to “freshen up” from all of the fun had in the summer sun. Fall and winter are opportune times to get chemical peels because people find it easier to stay indoors and recuperate during these seasons. Sun exposure post peel does have the potential to cause hyperpigmentation and color changes in the skin, so it is easier to stay out of the sun during these time periods. The UV levels in the fall and winter are far lower than those in the spring […]